Contributing Factors That Trigger Hair Loss

Contributing Factors That Trigger Hair Loss


Poor circulation of blood within the head caused by wearing of a hat too often is the major cause of hair thinning that could have led to hair loss. With the recent scientific research, experts proved this to be wrong, and it was just a myth instead, stress, bad health conditions and hormones really the cause of hair loss.

Certainly, stress is one of the key elements that triggers the loss of hair. Anyone experiencing stress will experience this. This is not noticeable immediately during the stress period, but this will occur a month later during the recovery period. This is because the body's own healing functions will consider most of the emotional and the growth condition of the hair is being delayed and put into resting mode called Telogen Effluvium. This is a significant factor that contributes to hair loss and delayed the increase hair growth. This also a way to trigger hair loss cause by hormones, one of the causes of hair loss. It is always a good idea to keep ourselves being stressed to keep our blood pressure in appropriate level and blood circulation in normal operation.

Health conditions can greatly affect the hair growth condition, especially those who are suffering from health conditions that involve the blood such conditions like heart problems and diabetics. Our blood vessel linings produce both Endothelium-Derived Relaxing Factor and Nitric Oxid which both help and contribute to hair growth development. Medical studies conducted by experts and confirmed that hair loss is closely related to health issues such as of heart problems and diabetes.

The third main cause of hair loss is addressed to men's hormone called DHT (Dihydrostestosterone) . Men are affected by this hormonal cause of losing hair. This type of hormone is produced by the enzyme five Alpha Reductase, and it is ten times more powerful than testosterone. This can be balanced by medications. Once this is balanced it will stimulate the hair follicles and triggering the growth and development of hair once again from the Telogen Efflovium stage or resting phase, bringing back the healthy hair to grow again. DHT imbalance can cause the hair to fall out instead of growing. When there is an imbalance of DHT it primarily attacks the hair follicles and swollen it and placing the hair in a resting phase. In this stage, no hair growth occurs, instead all the current hairs will fall out. When this happens and it continues to have an imbalance DHT, anyone who is affected with this will gradually become bald.

Almost half of the population in the US alone experience loss of hair. However, there is no need to worry about hair loss with today's modern society. Both offline and online treatments are readily available to be purchase and apply so that hair loss can be prevented and can regrow that lost healthy hair, for both men and women. DHT can now be corrected and return to its proper balance so hair growth can not be hampered, anytime a fresh new batch of hair can grow. With the medications available, we are saving a lot of money from expensive hair transplant surgery that costs thousands of dollars and only those who can afford to can have. Learning these causes of hair loss and the factors affects we understand how it happens, and we can prevent it from occurring, instead having a head full of fresh healthy hair.


Source by Nicole Stevens