About Us


The reason that I got into this business is about 5 years ago I developed severe pain from the bottom of my feet clear to my knees.


Being a Vet I went to see my doctor at the local V.A. Hospital and he put me on several pills that did help that awful pain but the side affects even worse than the original pain.


I met a fellow Vet in a waiting room at the V.A. about  3 years ago who asked me why I was there, so I told him. He said, “man you have neuropathy.”  I told him what I had been going through and he said, “man, you need to get some HEMP OIL, it’s the only thing that will help you. I did get some hemp oil from a web site. After trying several oils I chose a brand that was best for me. The only thing with HEMP OIL is you have to keep upping the dose every few days.


About three months ago I was introduced to a Lady that is selling a product called “PROTANDIM.”  IT IS JUST ONE LITTLE PILL A DAY! WOW, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. You don’t have to carry your oil bottle around with you, just take one little pill with your breakfast and your good to go. It is the ONLY natural product on the marked that has been studied by the U S Government  and has been given three, U.S. government paten’s for this product.


We have the only product in the world clinically proven to lower Oxidative Stress (core of all illness/disease) by 40% in 30 days. The product is called Protandim and it is all natural. Because this product is proven through blood work, top medical researchers have studied this product. We have 23 medical research studies on Protandim. If you would like to view the studies just  search the word “Protandim” on Google.

By the way, Protandim costs about 75% less than and good hemp oil on the market.